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Scientifically documented effect.

In a 3-year research project funded by the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Ekoforsk has produced evidence on the effectiveness of Weedcutter CombCut.
In short, the Ekoforsk interim report 2009 states the following about Weedcutter CombCut:
- Weedcutter CombCut can cause great direct damage to creeping thistle.

- Clipping occasion is a matter of timing. Clipping must take place after creeping thistle has begun to grow to height so that mechanical damage is caused to the weed.

- Clipping should take place before stem elongation of the crop to avoid damage to crop plants and subsequent yield decreases.

- Weedcutter CombCut can be used to cut off flowers and seed heads and thus prevent seed propagation.  





Weedcutter CombCut from JustCommonSense AB makes good financial sense and has an simple,
straightforward and reliable construction.

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