A new and modern method for eco-friendly weed control


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An eco-friendly system that works


Smart, sensing blades provide an eco-friendly control system for weeds in various crops.


Weedcutter CombCut is lowered down into the growing crop, which it combs through for weeds. The driving speed is adapted to soil conditions and  differences between crop and weed. Speeds of up to 10 km/h have been used with consistently good results. The working height is variable thanks to adjustable wheels that follow the surface contours, regulate the clearance height and absorb any impacts.
The closer to the soil Weedcutter is driven, the greater the proportion of weeds destroyed. An even seedbed makes this easier. The blade device consists of a simple, replaceable blade and holder. The implement has a central setting system but each blade device can be fine-tuned as necessary. Above the blades is a revolving brush that prevents clogging and helps comb through the vegetation. This brush is driven by a  hydraulic motor. The technology is mechanical and uncomplicated, giving high reliability. 


Weed control is completely eco-friendly with Weedcutter CombCut and it is therefore the perfect choice where other weed control methods are is not permitted or suitable, e.g. in organic crops, spray-free zones or grazing leys.
Weedcutter is completely mechanical and does not apply any chemicals. Weedcutter has a low weight, rolls on wheels and does not dig into the soil. This means that it requires little energy for work and transport. Weedcutter also decreases the need for energy-demanding weed control tillage that can otherwise cause nutrient losses to air and water 
Note that Weedcutter does NOT operate in the same way as an ordinary mowing machine. Weedcutter works using a completely new patented method with fixed, immobile blades 


A cost-effective and simple system

- High work rate - can be used at speeds of around 10 km/h
- Low draught requirement – light, wheeled and non-invasive.
- Low investment cost
- Not dependent on weather
- Simple technology – inexpensive spare parts
- Leaves no wheel tracks

Technical specifications

- Working width: 600 cm, transport 300 cm
- Height: 100 cm, transport 280 cm
- Length: 130 cm
- Weight: 500 kg
- Number of blades: 150
- Brush drive: Hydraulic motor
- Mounting: Three-point linkage



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The process step by step......
1. The implement is lowered into the growing crop just before the stem elongation phase.



2. The coarser weeds are cut off completely or severely damaged as the implement is driven forwards at a speed of around 10 km per hour. The thinner crop plants such as cereals and grasses are left undamaged, since they pass through the rear openings behind every blade.



3. The crop passes undamaged through the fixed blades of Weedcutter as it moves forward and combs through the cereal.



Weedcutter CombCut works using a new, patented system.

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