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JustCommonSense Ltd is a new and innovative swedish company that develops machinery for agribusiness.


Our first product is now available on the market.


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In the press........


Weedcutter has been discussed in various magazines, websites and other publications.
Some of these include:
2009-03-30 ATL
Article in agribusiness journal Lantbrukets Affärstidning
2009-03-26 JTI
The JTI – Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Technology website has
a review of Weedcutter and a film showing its function.
2008 issue 11, Swedish Board of Agriculture’s Agricultural Information
This issue, which is entitled "Controlling creeping thistle in organic production" refers to a machine being developed to deal with this problem. 
2008-06 issue 3 Farm News, County Board of Halland
Short review of Weedcutter
2007 Organic farming no. 2
Short article about Weedcutter
Okologisk jordbrug (DK), no. 374 2
Blekinge Läns Tidning
Land Lantbruk no. 49
2006-11-28 Sydöstran




Weedcutter CombCut works best against thistles and other coarse weeds in cereal and leys.
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