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Weedcutter CombCut is now available!

New Patent! Scientifically documented!



"For eco-friendly control of large weeds in leys and cereal crops"
Weeds are a huge problem in cropping systems where spraying is not permitted or suitable. Thistles are threatening to destroy large areas of organic cereal cropping.  
Weedcutter Combcut uses a completely new and patented method that exploits physical differences between crop and weed, such as stem thickness and branching pattern. 
As the draught vehicle moves forward, Weedcutter  combs through the crop and cuts or crushes the coarser weeds, while the thinner crop plants pass undamaged  through the fixed blades, which have no lateral movement. The weeds are cut or damaged because they are too thick to slip through the rear opening in the fixed scissor-like construction on every blade. This patented method can best be appreciated by watching a film through clicking one of the links on this website. 
Note that Weedcutter does NOT operate in the same way as an ordinary mowing machine. Weedcutter works using a completely new patented method with fixed, immobile blades.
Watch films
about Weedcutter on YouTube or the JTI – Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Technology website here. The link to the actual films can be found at the end (click on "Se film") of the introduction on the JTI website.




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Competition from the crop then inhibits the cut or damaged weeds and prevents them from regrowing. 
Weedcutter CombCut cuts weeds off within the growing crop. Weedcutter is most effective when the difference between weed and crop is greatest, for example just before stem elongation in cereals.
Weedcutter has been used successfully on most weeds and has a proven effect against troublesome weeds such as thistle and pale persicaria in leys and cereal stands. 
This is what can occur if thistles are not controlled.



High amounts of weeds mean:
- high weed control costs
- lower crop yields due to competition from weeds
- high harvesting costs due to difficulties for combine harvester 
- high storage costs in the form of increased drying and grading requirements 
- need for weed-controlling crop rotation.


 Weedcutter CombCut works using a new, patented system.

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